Vito Ricci

I Was Crossing A Bridge

Vito Ricci - I Was Crossing A Bridge

On the leading edge of NYC’s underground music scene, Vito Ricci produced only a handful of self-­‐released cassettes and one LP between 1983-­‐1985 with most of his work being recorded for experimental theatre and performance art pieces. Drawing comparisons with New York’s downtown No-­‐wave scene Vito’s compositions blend his unique use of intricate percussion with a wide sphere of musical influences to create a world of hypnotising ambient, meditative minimal-­‐synth through to dubbed out electronic funk and even left-­‐field boogie. With most of Vito Ricci’s music remaining previously unreleased, Music From Memory’s compilation ‘I Was Crossing A Bridge’ unveils Vito Ricci’s unique and visionary take on electronic music

2LP Music From Memory: MFM005 € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L