Max Guld

For Enden Af Corridoren

Max Guld - For Enden Af Corridoren

Max Guld was a post-punk musician from Glostrup, Denmark. ‘For Enden Af Corridoren’ was written, produced, recorded and performed by Max without the involvement of any others. Influenced by the avant-garde electronic sounds of Brian Eno and Kraftwerk, Max created eerie synthesizer driven songs with intricate guitar work and mechanical vocals. More than half of the album are instrumentals. All songs were recorded using a borrowed Moog Prodigy, Roland Organ/Strings, Korg KPR-77 rhythm machine, Gibson Les Paul De Luxe and a Rickenbacker bass. A spring reverb from a TV was also used and an old reel to reel for effects like echo. No sequencer, equalizer or noise reduction was used.

LP Dark Entries: DE091 € 17,99