Various Artists

You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol. 3.

Various Artists - You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol. 3.

yes yes after the 2 legendary You Can Trust A Man With A Moustache Vol. 1 & 2. David Vunks Moustache Records delivers the Vol. 3 of the superstrong series after 5 long years. This one on solid orange vinyl is a 4 tracker various artists. Track 1 made by the notorious underground italo band "The Problems - Living in my car" a high tech track made with the old gear like linn drumm and jupiter 8 ... true old style italo in a new jacket This emo track will rock the planet. A fat electronic beat along with great synths and beautiful chords. Produced by the best kept secret band from Rotterdam north. A2 made by the Moustache label boss David Vunk himself tracktittle with the name TR-ago-909 David Vunk - TR-ago-909 is a tribute to his buddy Tom Trago. a very deepish new style filterhouse track... with powerfull TR-909 drum patterns, miami vice toms, black basslines, classic 90-ies sounds and a sample that goes on and on and says i can't take this don't give up a true club banger. b1 Electrick Dragon - Blue Meanie excels in the wide palette of the musical scale's where this track is drifting on.The result is again a serious melodic track as you can expect in the meantime from this very talented producer. It is amazing how he's does this every time without the use of acoustic but only electronic instruments and still knows how to arouse an emotion which evokes again and again a euphoric feeling when you listen to it. If we ask Rick how he got the obscure title for this track, he says quite simply that it is the name from a sound bank in his synth that carries that name that he has used for almost the whole production of this track. B2 Dj Ricky da Dragon - Those Day's is clearly a sincere but also catchy tribute to the early days of Chicago house music. Especially the recognizable drum sounds from the TR707 give you the idea of being surrounded by the sounds of particular those day's. Accompanied by a very melodic Korg bass line, heavy pianos and synths make the atmosphere really complete. And to confirm the message even more , the track this time is carried by Ricky da Dragon's own singing voice forged to one song and can please many house lover , on the dance floor or not with this classic-sounding masterpiece. don't sleep on this, limited copies....

12inch Moustache: MST024 remind