Various Artists

Kult Acid

Various Artists - Kult Acid

After finishing off the DARK ACID series with installment 5. We have decided to delve deeper into the underground for this compilation. Bronze Teeth (Factory Floor's Dominic Butler and Richard Smith of L/F/D/M) open the record with a gnarled acidic beat track 'acid hag'. Satin Doll (Scott Young) brings a degraded noise soundscape with 'escort'. Glasgow's Lord Real (Becoming Real, Mourn, Zone recs), drops two tech beat tracks for the b side, 'more slugs' and 'printed money'. DRMCNT's (aka Acidliner and Hey Colossus's drummer) contribution is a bass heavy, banging track for the floor 'teenager'.

12inch Clan Destine Traxx: CDR12016 € 15,99