Various Artists

The French Connection

Various Artists - The French Connection

SierraSam & Pascal Heizel, A.Garcia, David Powers. The cryovac machine is held together by a team of like minded artists that work to move production forward. Cryovac functions to preserve the soundcraft of thees artists into the vinyl format. Cryovac vinyl is pressed by A.Garcia at Archer Record Press in Detroit. The Cryovac operates to push music that represents the soul of its maker. Sierra Sam and Pascal Hetzel bring the smooth techno feel of Berlin and an analog savvy to fist side of cryovac #14. They combine for two minimal machine soul bangers that zone your mind and move your body. Spam Burrito is the creation of A.Garcia and Kieth Kemp. This combination rocks out choice wavs that have been tweeked to perfection under the rising and falling of effects. Dave Powers choses the low key emotional path of ever an evolving synth moving an intelligent knock. The 14th edition of Cryovac is a must hear.

12inch Cryovac: Cry014 € 12,99