Hooked On Your Love

Gina - Hooked On Your Love

City Of Dreams' boogie, soul and funk reissues rarely disappoint. Predictably, this is another killer. Gina's ''Hooked On Love'' remains something of a delicious oddity: a cover of the Leroy Burgess-boasting Aleem classic of the same name, sung by mysterious vocalist Gina, and produced by the Aleem brothers themselves. While their original version was a surging, piano-heavy stomper blessed with Burgess's trademark vocals, the Gina cover re-casts it as a breezy, synthesizer-heavy boogie/ pop hybrid in the manner of very early Madonna recordings. It's a fine record, and comes accompanied with not only the superb original instrumental, but also a previously unheard ''Basement Tape'' version rescued from the archives.

12inch City Of Dreams Records & Tapes: COD006 € 17,99