Adam Arthur / Michael Kuntzman

Underground Files Vol. 1

Adam Arthur / Michael Kuntzman - Underground Files Vol. 1

Alleviated Records is proud to present the first edition of ''Underground Files''. We hope to introduce you to new Artists/Producers/Technicians with this series. This first edition includes selections by 2 Memphis-based dj/technicians/producers, Adam Arthur and Michael Kuntzman. Side A features Arkansas native Adam Arthur starting off with ''Rogue Intent''. If you're looking for radical-pumping house, look no further to get your crowd going crazy on the dancefloor. Next, we change the flavor a bit with ''Flamenco'' for when you need some downtempo warm seductiveness. Side B features 2 selections from Memphis dj/producer Michael Kuntzman. First up is ''Shutter'' with a bumping sci-fi-house flavor. Then we have ''Mondane'' with a pumping abstract-tribal-surreal tone. We hope you enjoy these for many years to come! Musically yours!

12inch Alleviated: ML2233 € 9,99