Franz Scala

Discoteca Paradiso

Franz Scala - Discoteca Paradiso

Spinning gold is pretty difficult. But that's what Franz Scala does. Simple when you know how, and this Italian does. Three tracks of pure italo sunshine. Snapping beats and cocktail chords meet on the dancefloor for 'Discoteca Paradiso', sleek synthlines keeping time as the pair turn and twirl. 'Gun Theory' works in moonlit. Clean drums are sullied by dripping keys, a cigarette locked in the teeth of this after hours affair. And the lights aren't up yet, Scala has one more floor filler up his sleeve. Pulsing rhythms say there still hope, she's style out there; but the bitter sweet melodies disagree. A lilting heartbreaker, in the elegant form of 'Riflessi'.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP075 remind