Common Purpose

M.Rav - Common Purpose

Max Ravitz has made a name for himself with his hazed dance not dance productions over these last couple of years appearing on a handful of different labels under a handful of different monikers. Here on the 15 track, ''Common Purpose'' cd we get Ravitz in all of his different forms as he teams up with numerous artists from his local Brooklyn scene and beyond, serving up unheard cuts from numerous recording sessions done over the last years. Through the record we hear the producer's versatility from tripped out downtempo vibes, to mid-paced acid, to high bpm dust burners, as Ravitz and Co. explore almost all possible avenues while in the studio. Collaborators include Huerco S., Jahiliyya Fields, NGLY, Terekke, Bookworms, Cloudface, and Josephine.

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