Various Artists

Wosto / Kilian Krings Edits

Various Artists - Wosto / Kilian Krings Edits

Following on from the under-the-radar success of Mick Wills' edits of Ale Mania on SBZ001, Sign Bit Zero strides onwards with a set of punishing dancefloor interpretations of forgotten industrial gems handpicked by Hamburg's Wosto and label head honcho, Kilian Krings. While Wosto's previous output as half of Fallbeil is as much informed by Chicago house as EBM, his contributions to SBZ002 focus on the C90 experimentation which roughens the edges of the duo's past efforts for Contort Yourself and New York Haunted. Kilian Krings explores his passion for Neue Deutsche Welle and its various offshoots in his edits here, setting a bold statement for the future of both his own and Sign Bit Zero's no-compromise approach. SBZ002 sheds light on crucial yet often overlooked aspects of 1980s industrial experimentation. Wosto and Kilian Krings morph their discoveries into club-ready headspinners, assured to prove a highlight of any adventurous DJ set.

12inch Sign Bit Zero: SBZ002 € 12,99