Colour Negatives EP

Skatebard - Colour Negatives EP

Skatebard (aka Bard Aasen Lodemel) is warmly welcomed back to the Bordello. Following 2013's Love in the Night comes a 12" of quite a different hue. Colour Negatives collects three brand new tracks from the Digitalo founder. The late night rave funk session of "Fujicolor Pro 400H" spikes and spins on beams of concentrated energy. Those same infectious hooks dawn into the flip. "Agfachrome RSX II" is bright, clean and joy filled; Skatebard delivering pure goodness to nurture any bodies beginning to flag. Paranoia and the break of day enters with "Kodak Portra 800", a minimal two stepping demon that cuts like vinegar. Shape shifting synthesizer sounds from an artist who simply ignores genres.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP078 remind