Ali Renault

Altro Mondo

Ali Renault - Altro Mondo

Bordello A Parigi. Ali Renault. A gin and tonic combo if there ever was one. The UK synthesizer savant lands with a four tracker of leftfield electro pop. 'Altro Mondo' screams out of the traps, bulbous bass lines elbow sweetened chords and snapping beats. 'Fume' grows from the same soil. Analogue warmth is brushed, even bruised, by the crack and whip of rhythms; a touch of EBM bitterness blended with Italo hope. Nowhere is this more evident than in...'Nowhere', a buckled dancefloor romp with the king of Milano, Fred Ventura, offering vocals. Uabos maintains the tension for the finale, uplifting house currents coursing through his remix of 'Lenticular'.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP066 € 12,19