Youth Sessions

Cass  - Youth Sessions

Youth Sessions. Niklas Rehme-Schluter aka Cass. has been making a name since the aptly titled Loops and Farewell Sketches debut appeared in 2013. Collages of soundcaped textures, his music has progressed via a series of cassette releases. Recommended by Jan Schulte during a visit to Dusseldorf, the inclusion of 6 near ambient pieces for the label's SchleiBen albums were a highlight of the series for many. Succeeding this summers The Sounds Of Glades mini-album with Jan (as Wolf Muller), Youth Sessions sees Cass. expand his solo works beyond ambient and kosmische defines towards a more whole encompassing ouvert. Mixing field recordings, percussion loops, samples, Cass. now adds vocals to build and layer with a warmth and glow - evoking long overlooked, but sought feelings. Moments, glimpses of something new yet known. Tracks like Jelli, U and Prismatic Prolog create tension towards The Chase / Holding On, before peaking with the anthemic Ann and outwards again. Leaving us with the refrains of Space Talk and Your Beautiful Look Is Looping Endlessly In My Head, Cass. progresses his music and also, Emotional Response too. A parallel journey to an end still unknown, with that rush of yearning and hope, a youth that may never of existed, but still for a short time, feels recaptured.

LP Emotional Rescue: ERS027 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L