Robert Owens

I'll be your friend

Robert Owens - I'll be your friend

Originally released in 1991 on the RCA label the track has been one of house music's most enduring anthems. Literally one of the deepest tracks out there, it's combination of Owen's vocals paired with the stellar production techniques of Def Mix's David Morales (and THOSE drums) is such a heady combination that the record crossed over so many scenes and to this day remains an evergreen staple in DJ's of all persuasions bags. Featured here we have all the original mixes (with the exception of the shorter radio edit) in their original forms. The record sounds as fresh as it ever did, the sort of track that never dates and will always fit into a set, the very definition of a classic. Legitimately re-released with the full involvement of RCA records for 2017 and remastered from the original sources specially for Mint Condition by London's very own Curvepusher.

12inch Mint Condition: MC005 € 10,99
12inch Harmless: 1trax053v remind