Various Artists

XXX 004 Part One

Various Artists - XXX 004 Part One

Dutch label XXX commence a new compilation series with a four-tracker that features some fresh and fruity house sounds from a range of up and coming talents. JMII's ''Spell'' is a pumped up workout aiming for the peak time dancefloor with its chunky synth stabs and rock solid drum lines, whereas Miskotom's ''Villa Dei Misteri'' slows things down to a Balearic slink replete with marimba tones and seductive pads. Damon Jee has no time for such laid back platitudes, instead whipping up a grinding, acidic burner that just begs for a dark and sleazy situation to be played in. Stijn Sadee brings balance to the record with the measured chimes of ''Moiin'', capturing an 80s lilt in its production values while still packing a contemporary finish.

12inch XXX Holland: XXX004-1 remind