Furor Exotica

More Is More

Furor Exotica - More Is More

Morning is ready to break. Daytime heat lingers. Would-be revellers trawl the streets, hoping beyond hope to keep the night alive. Cutting through the stifling night air come two words, Furor Exotica. Six tracks spiral down this 12" of lurid intent. Keys are honeyed, dripping in funk, and further sweetened by a siren's call. Vocals tantalise, tease and trap while smoke swirls and heads swim. Three suitors are lured in, enraptured by those glazed words, addicted to the hooks and promises of Furor Exotica. Alan Dente amplifies the analogue warmth of this back alley den while Fabrizio Mammarella pays homage with an acid tinge to coarsen the temptress' taunt. Trujillo brings some relief, letting in some laid back tones and clean beats to bring up the lights on this late night haunt of ill-repute.

EP Bordello A Parigi: BAP088 € 11,99