Various Artists

Galactic Jacksons Balla Compleanno

Various Artists - Galactic Jacksons Balla Compleanno

This compilation is dedicated to Zoltan Balla aka Galactic Jackson on the occasion of his 40th birthday. Galactic Jackson is a very individual character in Budapest's electronic music scene: his eclectic vinyl only DJ sets, clothing style, moustache, facial expressions, and funny comments are all part of his image. However, it is not a fake persona; he is really like this. Zoltan is also famous for his magical 'Ballacid Studio', which is one of the biggest analog synthesizer collections in Hungary. J. Mono is an old friend of Galactic Jackson from Lajosmizse, Hungary. The artist is a songcrafter-synthjammer mastermind from the trio Wedding Acid Group and his first solo EP 'Zzz' was recently released on Dalmata Daniel. Silvio is an alias of the well-known Budapest-based musician Route 8, who is famous for his analogue-rich workouts and IDM-inspired but dancefloor-oriented sounds. It is not necessary to introduce the Norwegian EOD to those who are familiar with IDM and acid scenes. Among others, he has releases on the famous labels Rephlex and 030303. Hypnotic is the producer of the Hungarian new wave band Nouvelle Phenomene (Bordello A Parigi). Finally, S. Olbricht and Alpar are the members of the Budapest-based analog synth duo SILF (Synths I'd Like to Fuck). They also have numerous solo releases on different labels such as Opal Tapes, Lobster Theremin and SicSic Tapes.

EP Ballacid Records: BALLA40 remind