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Various Artists - Ziyka

Coming out of deepest India (or possibly, Melbourne) is a diverse 4 track EP of Bollywood inspired tracks Hysteric takes 5 minutes from of sniffing out Italo b-sides to team up with noisy enfants terrible Venderstrooik for"Bablas aan den Rijn", a late night trip to the Lidl, with a detour via Mumbai. With added bass synths and 808 rhythms, Baerlz emphasizes the sensual side of an already hot vocal, making "Nahid" sound like a deep and melodic downtempo track. From Mumbai to Melbourne, River Ganga turns up the spice with "Goron". You'll be hailing the next rickshaw to the discotheque. Originally discovered in the climactic final scene from a 1982 Bollywood film, "Vidhaata" is a strangely alluring edit for the clubs that retains much of the dramatic feel from the closing scene itself. Strictly limited - don't let your Biryani get cold!

12inch Ziyka: ZIYKA001 remind