Various Artists

When the Rich Wags War It's The poor Who Die

Various Artists - When the Rich Wags War It's The poor Who Die

Poverty is violence return with a killer 5 track V/A EP... Introducing some new signings to PIV (KSP, Credit 00 and Persian) alongside co-owner Charlton and PIV staple XXX, this EP features Poverty music from across the board and doesn’t disappoint. A1. One of the new additions to the PIV stable is heavy hitter KSP of the legendary Raiden project and Kamikaze Space Program... Here he drops a killer club track that twists the techno template, injecting it with the sentiments of D’n’B... This is already getting heavy club play from all and sundry. A2. XXX returns to Poverty with his trademark sound. Heavy as can be but coupled with a subtlety only he can explain. Hard beats and acid bleeps emphasise the groove with a slightly more funked up swing than his previous work, guaranteeing heavy pressure as XXX delivers once more... A3. Poverty co owner Charlton chips in with a hard acid mini track that develops to a tight locked groove. One for the heads and coming on like a hybrid of late 80’s acid house and 90’s techno, this is a floor filling distortion of the templates. B1. Credit 00 is another new signing and serves up a dope tribalistic 808 drum track with haunting delayed vocals. Reminiscent of a lost disco 12” dub track, this is a stripped back house groove for the more discerning dance floor. B2. Closing the EP is the killer Persian track 'Don’t Deal Wid Violence’. A pioneer of the hardcore/jungle scene starting out in ‘91 alongside Bizzy B, Deluxe, Trace and Zinc, Persian went on to help define the UKG scene with Same People’s ‘Dangerous’.

12inch Poverty Is Violence: PIV005 € 10,99