Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Legowelt - Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time

Five years after the illustrious Paranormal Soul LP, techno derelict
Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt returns on Clone with ''Legendary Freaks In
The Trash Of Time''. A vivid collection of twelve genre-defying tracks:
from late-night hermit house to Memphis rap influenced slowjam electro,
from Amiga 1200 technorave to cosmic spaceweed trance, including the
whole universe in between. All blended together in a mix of subdued
sensuality and psychedelic splendour, this album is flavoured with
Legowelt's typical crunchy LO-FI sampler and synthesizer aesthetic.
Wolfers' own hand-drawn sleeve artwork illustrates the album's mood
without the need for much further promotional blurb... colourful stories
embodying societal malaise and its dwellers - yet with a dash of
aspiration. Music for misfits, witches, dreamers, cyberpunks, outsiders,
geeks, and freaks. Legowelt's people.

2LP + Download Clone West Coast Series: CWCS009LP remind