Various Artists

VOITAX X Compilation

Various Artists - VOITAX X Compilation

''Phanon'', an original painting by Rosmarie Barbara Weinlich, serves as a seed for the VOITAX X compilation. The label invited friends, both new and old, to find meaning within this complex work and create their own interpretations of it. The resulting tracks, spanning three vinyls, showcase the breadth of the Voitax sound - bleak, industrial soundscapes, tripped-out acid and new wave excursions, obliterated dub, and abrasive, off-kilter techno all feature. This is a record that will be equally at home on a turntable in your living room as it will be booming out beneath a veil of smoke and strobe light. Tracks by Mondkopf, Rory St John, Makaton, Nyarlathotep, Swarm Intelligence, Domenico Crisci, Cressida, Unhuman, Paal feat. Mara, Bleaching Agent, Esker, Second Spectre.

3x12inch Voitax: VOI-X € 25,99