Various Artists

Limited Series 06

Various Artists - Limited Series 06

Limited Series 06 drops on Banoffee Pies Records. This time with some saucy Pink legs showcasing a predominantly Bristol based representative of Leftfield House and UK inspired productions from Jazz to Electro and 2 step. Gallegos’ “Save Your Love For Me” quickly engages your focus with melody rich tones and enticing vocals pushing on to an interestingly themed A side with the electro infused “Hanging Gardens” from local Seka, and the complex drum patterns of 2 step themed “Dreams” from Jay Anderson, another artist to recently join the labels affiliates with an appearance on the second Banoffee Pies Black Label imprint. The B side is pleasantly introduced by a more head nodding groove full of pads from Owain K with “Touched “, and as with many of it’s predecessors, this Limited Series installation is rounded off with a Beat and a mood from a smoky lounge this time from Embezzlement Society.

12inch Banoffee Pies: BPLS006 € 10,99