Oscar Mulero

Perfect Peace

Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace

Oscar Mulero presents: 'Perfect Peace'. Don't expect dancefloor burners here, this time the spanish techno master goes deep and low, exploring sonic textures, low BPM grooves and the intelligent side of electronic music. Melodies, pads, drones and grooves collide in this soulful collection, conceived to be listened as a soundtrack. Oscar is not new to this sounds, in his Grey Fades To Green or Muscle and Mind albums he showcased his abilities in this field as well as with his Av projects Biolive and Monochrome. A new step in Oscar Mulero's ever growing career, showing his studio skills and music taste, far beyond his role as a fundamental techno dj.

CD Semantica: SEM070CD € 15,99
2LP Semantica: SEM070LP € 22,99