Unknown Artist


Unknown Artist - Noah

Mysterious Berlin imprint MASK preps its second release with four more untitled tracks. Continuing the theme of the first release, ‘Noah’ has been produced and recorded live in one take using a selection of analogue gear, including an EMU SP 1200, Mutual Instruments Ambika, Nord Rack 2x, Octatrack, Vermona Action Filter 4. A soothing synth line sets the tone of the ‘A1? before implementing sporadic drums and squelchy notes, making way for the melodic chords and a wall of sub bass in the mesmerising ‘A2’. Murky atmospherics and a medley of percussive hits generate a dusty aesthetic in the ‘B1’ until the organic beat and distorted robotic sounds of the ‘B2? provide an otherworldly conclusion to the enigmatic release.

12inch Mask: MSK02 remind