Various Artists

Mutable Minds

Various Artists - Mutable Minds

It’s been 4 years since the last music compilation on MindTrip. Mutable Minds brings together a mixture of five exceptional and talented artists whose sound matches perfectly with the MindTrip philosophy. Head honcho, Pfirter, and Swedish Pär Grindvik contribute the first track of the release with their diversified collaboration embodied in a hypnotic and extraordinary tune whilst Diego Amura takes the lead with a track that is characterized by driving rhythm and haunting sequences. Savas Pascalidis debuts on the label with a trippy-sci-fi interpretation and the release closes with one of the latest guests on MindTrip Podcast, Fanon Flowers, who takes us into a dark, mental and conceptual techno journey. The final outcome is mesmerizing and all four tracks can be seen on different aspects of an all night long set. This is MindTrip!

12inch Mindtrip: Mindtrip18 € 9,99