Various Artists

Global Surveyor Phase 4

Various Artists - Global Surveyor Phase 4

Electro globalisation! The German label Dominance Electricity presents Phase 4 of the Global Surveyor various artist album series. Featuring heavy-weights of the international Electro genre such as Anthony Rother, Hardfloor, Silicon Scally aka Carl Finlow and Heliopause (a project of Germanyes Dynamik Bass System & Detroites Keith Tucker of AUX 88) and many more, this carefully selected collection includes a total of 24 productions out of 13 countries / 5 continents ranging between classic Electro/Bass, deep space cruising downtempo, playful Kraftwerkeesk melodies, acid basslines and ambient synth magic.

4x12inch Dominance Electricity: DE025 € 49,99