Canson - 8/1

''For Those That Knoe delves deeper into the archives once more to repackage a bundle of hard to find cuts on vinyl that have been staple supplies in Ben's record bag over the years. The early to mid 2000s was a period of minimal techno overload, finding quality house music then was a challenge compared to today. Rather than follow the herd, some European producers took influence from the original minimal pioneers and fused those approaches with house music themes in order to push a unique sound of the era. They turned minimal on its head and gave took it in a different direction. Canson from Switzerland released a handful of records between 2002 and 2005 that were a prime example of this aesthetic. Stripped back beats with syncopated melodies - perfect cuts for those early sets or hazy morning sessions. The three tracks featured on this compilation were originally released on two solo EPs for Canson: Itsudemo and Holiday Plug In, both of which have claimed squatter's rights in my record bag for almost 15 years. I don't think I've played one early slot or house set without one of them. This record is quite a personal one for me as it's a representation of my deeper sound as a DJ. Now the original records are a little hard to find so I'm so glad to share my choice picks of Canson's material on a my label.''

12inch Unknown: Knoe8/1 € 10,99