Various Artists

De Lichting - Een LP

Various Artists - De Lichting - Een LP

De Lichting is a brand new collaborative project between three key underground labels from Amsterdam namely Yield Records, Native Response and Working Titles. All with their own successful solo projects and well established in what they do, the collaboration is “a coming of age story narrated by a bunch of music heads from the same city.” It is a project that sees seven self-confessed music nerds putting their DIY ideals front and centre and coming together to self-release these 13 new and exciting tracks. Artists Nathan Surreal, queniv, RDS, Scott Franka, Kaap, Eversines, Human Space Machine and Deltitnu all contribute at least one track each to what will be the first in a new series of releases that follow this same diverse collaborative approach. Musically, the tracks cover many shades of house, ambient and techno across four carefully curated sides of vinyl. Side A takes in unsettling sci-fi ambiance that turns into spacious and cosmic deep house before dropping back into dreamy, beatless chords. Side B picks up the pace with slippery electro synths and rubbery grooves that journey through the cosmos before ending up on romantic broken beat bliss. Side C kicks off with menacing and trippy house which turns to deep acid, loose beat workouts and dubby ambiance then last of all, Side D offers supple mind melting techno and sombre minimal dub. Always inventive and atmospheric throughout, this a varied and vital release that both DJs and dancers are sure to love.

2x12inch De Lichting: DL01 € 19,99