Various Artists

A Look Into The Evasion Disques Vaults 1970-1973

Various Artists - A Look Into The Evasion Disques Vaults 1970-1973

Rocafort Records digs into the 'Evasion Disques' catalaogue to bring you the best in Funk, Soul, Psych & Folk from the legendary Swiss label. Linernotes and comments of the songs by Evasion Disques' co-founders. Artwork by Laurent Pizzotti, the graphic designer to whom we owe a large number of Evasion Records sleeve covers. All songs taken from the original master tapes. Evasion Records was born of a rebellious 60's rock band, ''Les (Faux) Frères'', who got tired of being forced by their record company to cover British hits rather than record their own compositions. Along with their pianist Eric Christen, and a childhood friend François Vautier, Gaston Schaefer and Jean-Pierre Skawronski embarked on the adventure of composing and producing their own work as of their 7th EP. Extending the experience further, the group then created its own label,''Evasion Disques'' (as in, escaping from the big record companies).The first single was distributed by Barclay Switzerland, managed at the time by a Swiss musician who was all too keen to welcome in this new label. Less than a month later, local artists, friends of the group and acquaintances who knew of their initiative, turned up at the small office in Avenue du Théâtre in Lausanne with the desire to record for the new company.

LP Rocafort Records: ROCLP004 remind