Various Artists

The Belligerents Vol.1

Various Artists - The Belligerents Vol.1

In 3 years DJ Nephil has taken Gravitational Waves into the contemporary dance music paradigm with tenacity. Nephil has built Gravitational Waves into a formidable entity and the culmination of this effort brings results with his latest EP. Here the label continues in powerful form with 6 cuts of raw metallic persuasion, enlisting veteran producers Nick Klein and Enrique as well as debuting new talents in Mike Tansella Jr. (featured on vocals in "No Sell Out") and the mysterious Berlin resident, Hannibal lll. Also featured is Unhuman, known for his production prowess on AMOK tapes, Instruments of Discipline, Veleno Viola and most recently Strange Therapy and Betek who has been featured on Rotterdam Electronix, Balans and Black Stripe Records.

12inch Gravitational Waves: GRTW006 € 9,99