Dont DJ

Hyperspace Is No Place

Dont DJ - Hyperspace Is No Place

We are, of course, always keen to receive any new music that comes through from the Don't DJ collective - particularly on their own Diskant imprint - but we'd been waiting on this appearance for Japan's EM Records for a long while now. There's just something unashamedly right about this collaboration, from the music itself right down to the artwork and the rest of the like-minded artists that reside on this wonderful catalogue. The Don't DJ brothers have gone deeper than previous releases here, starting with the Nippon-minded dubbiness of ''Hyperspace Is The Place'', followed by the earthier, more vibrant melodic textures of the wavy ''Forest People Plot''. On the B-side, ''Hyperspace Is No Place'' bangs out a steady kick drum over deep, aqueous bleeps washed amid a sparse ocean of ambient delight, and ''Evolve Version'' provides the 'housiest' moment on this four-tracker in the form of an ethereal bombshell with a subtle balearic charm. Wonderful - you can't miss it!

LP EM Japan: EM1161TEP € 18,99