Dimi Angelis


Dimi Angelis - ANGLS 007

In the seventh EP to come out on his own imprint, labelhead Dimi Angelis serves up four tracks, each distinctively ANGLS: bare and unassuming music. Opening track ''Live Chat Events'' leaves little space for actual conversation and immediately hits home with some thorough techno that reminisces of a bygone rave era which refuses to be forgotten. Follow-up ''Index'' continues that feel but switches things up by delving off the deep, ever so slightly distorted synth end. On the flipside Angelis allows subtle percussion movements to do the talking in ''Lotus''. Proper and powerful on its own, equally useful as a tool. ''Cosmodrome'' closes down #007 and is the most introvert of the four with a unique, submerged sounding pattern that gradually builds and falls. An EP that will fit and improve any collection.

12inch Unknown: Angls007 € 10,49