James Shinra

Vital Heat

James Shinra - Vital Heat

After several releases as 'Supernova EP' or 'Meteor EP', James Shinra comes of age with 'Vital Heat', a sublime 2x12" long-awaited debut album by one of the most talented producers around these days. 'Vital Heat' enriches, refines and expands upon his entire aesthetic, showing off Shinra's signature dexterity in programming drums, pads and emotional melodies at an almost schizophrenic range of tempos, without restraint. The 11 tracks cycle thru a plethora of styles with the innocent agility and explorative freedom of the early-mid '90s wave of producers who arguably established the patterns which we all dance today to. Written in a key moment of his life, 'Vital Heat' acts as a lesson on how to reshape his influences into something hugely impressive.

2LP Analogical Force: AF018LP remind