Sleep Axis

Dextre - Sleep Axis

Debutant Dextre arrives on Echovolt with Sleep Axis, a fine first outing whose four ear-catching club cuts beautifully blur the boundaries between dreaminess and restlessness. It’s a set of tracks tailor-made for the early morning hours, where wakefulness and insomnia often battle for supremacy. The young Warsaw producer’s debut is confident and quietly impressive, offering a quartet of cuts that wrap alien lead lines, intergalactic electronics and drowsy, occasionally spacey chords around machine grooves and thickset synthesizer basslines that variously draw influence from deep house, electro and Motor City techno. For proof, check the spacey dancefloor warmth of “128 Organs”, the weighty, bleep-sporting shuffle of “Napoleon” and the rushing positivity of “Nobilis”, whose sun-bright lead lines are more playful than a toddler on a sugar rush.

12inch Unknown: EVR033 € 10,99