Various Artists

Hearse 002

Various Artists  - Hearse 002

Hearse return with their second output and is worth the wait. Dutchman Cosmic Force kicks off the A side with Suckers Divide, a brutal slice of vocodered darkness only he can do. Bulgarian industrialist MANASYt makes a welcome return after a few years off with his track Sister Ping sounding like hornets on acid ready to attack. Tobias Schmidt adopts his Secret State alias for the B side with his anthemic Dominant Narrative, fast paced and derranged machine madness. Brassica finishes the ep off with 0898666420, an electro psychedelia vocoder drum ensemble. Think cylob on mushrooms and you’re almost there. Again it comes in a beautiful screen printed sleeve. 300 for the world. Don’t sleep.

12inch Hearse: Hearse002 € 11,99