James Ruskin

Siklikal EP

James Ruskin - Siklikal EP

Brand new killer EP by James Ruskin! First new material by him on Tresor since 2008.
Right from the outset, Nepte draws in by vast sonics and laser focus, unruly synths distort over a skipping beat that hits hard in the right places. Kn Te3 is one for adventurous DJs, recalling the minimal loops that Ruskin is known for, seeped in industrial melancholy that fizzes a granular decay. On the b-side, Nocke brings the beat back to the forefront with a muscular UK techno sound, highly e ective and pounding. Closing the EP is Kn Am3 which retains the industrial sinew of its near-namesake Kn Te3, exposing raw synth excursions over brutalist machinations.

12inch + Download Tresor: Tresor314 € 9,99