Various Artists


Various Artists - Mothership

"Mothership" is the first, triple-vinyl, collaborative effort of Midnight Shift and Voitax which comes in the form of an ambitious various artists compilation. This delicate 15-track project siphons talent from across the globe. The outcome is a collaboration of 30 like-minded artists in unusual, yet intriguing pairs. Classy, open-minded and futuristic, "Mothership" provides the perfect platform for multi-disciplined artists to find an exciting new middle ground. Percussive Bristolian techno sits comfortably next to dystopian electro. Heady, broken techno cuts are balanced by equally tough, uplifting electronica. Innovatively and confidently blurring lines between house, techno and its functional counterparts, "Mothership" provides a window into the musical upbringing of our hand-picked talents.

3x12inch + Download Voitax x Midnight Shift: MNSVOI01 € 24,99