Dead Husband


Dead Husband - Iguana

Iguana is the debut release of Dead Husband on Bordello A Parigi. The American group push their unique sound to new levels across this EP. Tracks, like the title piece, pace on skeletal beats with lyrics soaked into melody to create a bliss steeped style touched with melancholy. “Memory” trills with a similarly emotive tone. A lovelorn line marches to a pulsating drum. Machine words speak, melting with tear-stained chords in a contemporary work fitting of the modern romantics. The B-Side adopts a new complexion with “They’ll Be Fine Without You.” Despite the finality of the title, the track courses with an invigorating energy as rhythms race next effervescent notes. Percussive patterns quicken for the close, “Lake.” Sheer crystalline keys scale skyward, dancing and writhing between steady kicks and echoing voice. Synthesizer gems care of this Boston based outfit.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP135 € 11,99