Captain Mustache

Special Friend

Captain Mustache - Special Friend

Captain Mustache. A DJ and producer with some fifteen years as a label manager, he arrives on Bordello A Parigi with a unique blend of electro spiked disco. The Parisian lands with a four tracker guaranteed to leave bodies and speakers aching with joy. Teaming up with Paul Play on vocals, “Special Friend” is a purely nocturnal affair. Smokey words sail above crisp percussion as laser beam synthlines lance a haze of early morning light. “Rhythm 55” is built on bold beats, the Captain slowly unfurling a sparkling melody that glimmers and shines next to burbling acid-tinged bass. A generous introduction gives way to toms and snipping snares for “Jean-Michel”, a beautiful tribute to synthesizer master Jean-Michel Jarre. Bright and clean, the track is steeped in a future-gazing optimism that palpably echoes through its vocoder. “Space Jowblob” brings our odyssey with Captain Mustache to a close, astral chords and beaming bars washed in starlight.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP136 € 12,99
12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP136 remind