Amin Peck

Love Disgrace

Amin Peck - Love Disgrace

Amin Peck is an electronic studio project, contaminated by the New Wave from U.K. like most '80s electronic bands. Amin-Peck walked a fine line between Disco and Minimal Wave throughout the course of the early 1980s, oftentimes incorporating shameless Pop melodies and Avant-garde leanings. Amin Peck were an italian band leaded by Giorgio Fioroni (aka George Fyron, arrangements, production, vocals) with Leonard Parker (arrangments, keyboards) and Max Marne (production). Incredible but true, Amin Peck started as 'hard rock' guitar band in the 70's... and becoming one of the best examples of italo disco. This limited edition contains full-length versions plus uncut audio material (A2) tracked down during tape restoration. The first pressing coming from 1982 was pressed only on 7inch in U.K.

12inch Best Record: BSTX006 € 15,99
12inch Best Record: BSTX006 remind
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