Various Artists

House Of Trouble

Various Artists - House Of Trouble

13 modern artists in attempt to present the variety of contemporary wave. From tears to laughter, from bad to worst – each trouble is unique and a gem in its own game. Artists in order of appearance: Mala Herba, Exhausted Modern, Pluto Junkies, NGLY, Fade Accompli, Bianco Negativo, Radiation30376, Mchy i Porosty, Fallbeil, Dyktando, Retrograde Youth, Joshua Cordova ft. Zoya Zerkalski, Astma. This release is a tribute to the biggest trouble of them all – our fallen partner in crime DJ Czapla Siwa. May it carry your spirit forever.

2LP Syntetyk: Syntetyk - SYNT003 € 25,99