Mental Health

SPR - Mental Health

Stuck in this acid, you will rust. Autumntime 2019. The world is off its tits and its getting harder to laugh about it baby. So let’s talk about Mental Health. By a coincidence that’s the name of the debut LP of Gothenburg-based duo SPR!. Albert Sjöstam and Christoffer Fransson are behind the seven tracks that will force you to some ass and mental bending. Höga Nord gladly supports that type of activities and delivers 300 copies of pure white vinyl. Opening track ’Cha Cha Cha’ goes in like russians on a tour de france frenzy. The album continues with Second hand smoke - pure hypnotic chaotic anarchokraut. Beautiful and toned down Turn your illness into a weapon will mellow your mind to (un)comfortable numbness. Closing track Dope Rider aims deep down for the underground. Proper music to go mental to while studying health with your brain is one way to sum it up. Good music another one. Regardless: Stay safe. Hate will eat you whole even tough you might fail when you must sail.

LP Hoga Nord Rekords: HNRLP008 € 21,99