Endrik Schroeder

Second Breath

Endrik Schroeder - Second Breath

Bordello A Parigi is delighted to welcome Endrik Schroeder to the family, the Frenchman debuting with Second Breath. Alongside a honed talent for creating vivid rhythm patterns, Schroeder’s ability to create bold and memorable hooks is truly remarkable. The two tracks on offer are pure pleasure, post-midnight synth romances with a nod of appreciation to the past. We begin our journey with the star-gazing brilliance of “Second Breath.” Warbling undercurrents are punctuated by clean snares as beaming and bright bars descend in this superbly crafted work. “The Quest” takes hold on the flip. Full beats are coupled with meandering keys as Schroeder slowly introduces his melody, misty warming notes brimming with energy. Two gems from this debutant.

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP143 € 13,49