Viktor Timofeev


Viktor Timofeev - Exocursion

Timofeev was born and raised in Riga, Latvia and has recently lived in London, Berlin, Rotterdam and New York. While often collaborating with artists from these various scenes - including Kaspars Grosevs (Zolitude, Quantum Natives, 2017), Bryce Hackford (Safe [Exits], Spring Theory, 2020), and nihiti (For Ostland, Lo Bit Landscapes, 2014) - Timofeev's work has always stubbornly remained his own. His music, just one branch of his work, is complimented by experimental games, drawings, paintings and performances. Timofeev's output is united by an interest in systems that are interwoven to the point of absurdity; logic is pushed to the limits of comprehension. This is evident in his self-playing simulations, labyrinthine works on paper and throughout the new album. Each track on Exocursion consists of mutating iterations of a single loop, growing and occasionally contracting between cycles. There is something undeniably Eastern European to it. The modal harmonies conjure a stroll through a decaying landscape littered with post-Soviet monuments, while its repetitive nature calls to mind an expansive horizon of monotonous civic infrastructure.

LP Futura Resistenza: RESLP007 € 14,99