Chromium Dioxide

Leitstrahl - Chromium Dioxide

Leitstrahl were raised on a strict diet of electronic music. Electro pop. Italo Disco. Synth movie scores. This was the bread and butter of this three man Austrian outfit. With more than fifteen years of band history, the trio of Stoff, Paul Raal and Boogaloo Steve are as proud as punch to announce their debut album: Chromium Dioxide. For their thirteen tracks the triumvirate have pooled their enthusiasm and experience, calling on a string of friends to give their selection a unique energy and emotion. Jon Jon, aka John Foster, of Bronski Beat fame, offers his vocals for the rollercoaster ride of “Europa Supersaw.” Nicole Jaey’s mellifluous voice soars in the blazing “Chevrolée,” Christina Mirabilis lends her sweet lyrics for the fiery “Girotti” with Jimmy Baker voicing the pop heartbreak of “White Tail.” Synthlines sparkle across the collection, magical melodies pirouetting in a haze of deep Summer sun. Coursing through the entire album is passion, a passion crystallised in addictive hooks, laserdance rhythms and fledgling romance, a passion that combines Hi-NRG intensity with the reflection of wave and the optimism of italo. Inspired by the 1980s, simply inspirational today.

2x12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP141 € 25,99