Lake Haze

Sun Rising On Concrete Landscapes

Lake Haze - Sun Rising On Concrete Landscapes

Portuguese artist Lake Haze (Goncalo Salgado) makes his return to Shall Not Fade with an album of spacious club music. Salgado is a key player in Portuguese musical exports, delivering masterful blends of techno grooves and retro melodies, and released his debut LP on E-Beamz in 2019. This second LP is titled Sun Rising On Concrete Landscapes. This record explores further the atmospheric, slightly melancholic timbre to Salgado's music. The use of reverb across the LP elucidates a sense of looking back to the past; ''The Rave That Saved My Life'' sounds like echoes from a distant memory. It turns the sounds of the rave into something sombre, expansive and scattered with space age breaks.

LP Shall Not Fade: SNF054 remind