Various Artists

808 Box 5th Anniversary Part 11/11

Various Artists - 808 Box 5th Anniversary Part 11/11

Tracks by Wisp and Alek Stark. This record was only available previously as a gift to those who pre-ordered the box when Fundamental Records released it. It's a tribute to Ikutaru Kakehashi, founder of Roland Corporation, pioneer in electronic music instruments and creator of the original Roland TR-808. The Time Capsule project, also known as 808 Box, is a project created by Fundamental Records. The six boxes released in recent years include 56 records with over 300 tracks from artists from every corner of the world. Some warehouse copies have surfaced of the 5th 808 Box, and these will be available individually. These are new copies in perfect condition, with the original sleeves printed with the classic Roland TR-808.

7inch Fundamental Records: FUND017-011 € 14,99