Perspects - Peopleskills

With his unified Peopleskills concept, Perspects shares new directions and ideas. This is demonstrated by his heavy vocal presence (sometimes in a Bryan Ferry vs. Brian Eno sort of way) and the incorporation of live drums into his sequenced sound, hinting at a whole new sound and approach. This is apparant in his live performances, which now feature a full drum kit alongside live vocals, analog synthetic drums, and sequencing. Tracklist A1 The Soft Traffic Interrupt, A2 The Wake, A3 We're in Separate Cars, B1 Obsurfacer, B2 Photofinish, B3 Too Much Too Fast, C1 Fact & Finger, C2 Parts, C3 Factory Of Tissue (LP only),D1 Dried Funeral Siegfried, D2 Limbs Begin Dissolving, D3 Memer.

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT023LP € 9,99
CD Interdimensional Transmissions: IT023CD € 6,99