Dead Eyes Society LP

Umwelt - Dead Eyes Society LP

Monnom Black presents Umwelt's new studio album ''Dead Eyes Society'', a stunning piece of work and the culmination of 30 years of artistic refinement. Umwelt is a truly rare underground electronic artist in the world of Techno and is without doubt one of the most important and prolific French electronic producers of a generation. A techno activist since the 90's boasting over 50 releases to date. Throughout his career he has crafted a pure analog, unmistakable, signature sound, mixing dark, cinematic melancholy with the electro-techno grit he is so renowned for.

The sound of the album is influenced by late 90's and early 00's techno contrasted with an avant-garde approach to recording and sound design. Throughout the album Umwelt lays down beautiful grooves and his space techno melodies in uncompromising fashion, blended with classic synthwork and run through his famous analog outboard chains. With ''Dead Eyes Society'' Umwelt has crafted his most powerful techno album to date and solidified himself as an exceptional artist and titanic figure of modern electronic music.

2x12inch Unknown: MONNOM029 € 26,99