Luke Vibert

Chicago, Detroit, Redruth

Luke Vibert - Chicago, Detroit, Redruth

His album on Planet Mu brings together many strands of his work: Drum and Bass (''ComfyCozy'' recalling past glories as Plug); Trip-hop (''Rotting Flesh Bags'' being his finest Wagon Christ type track for many a year); Breaks (''Breakbeat Metal Music'' the possessor of a Speak and Spell lyric of coaxing danceability) and Acid (''Argument Fly'' must be the most straight-ahead acid track so far released by monsieur Vibert reminding one of F.U.S.E or early 808State...). The album hangs together with the strands of acid, breakbeats, techno and disco at its heart; the reassuring hand of an old master triumphs again.

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